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Sisters of Mercy

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                                                     Virtual Tour
                                                    Come and Explore the story of

             the Sisters of Mercy and their inspirational foundress Venerable Catherine McAuley
The Cloisters: Meet the People

The Cloister sets the scene for the story
of the Sisters in Great Britain. Meet the most significant people in the early history of the Sisters.

The Prayer Garden

Pray in this beautiful haven of Peace.

The Chapel & Oratory: The Art of Praying

This is a place of quiet contemplation and great beauty.

Catherine's Bedroom

The room where Venerable Catherine stayed when she came to Birmingham in 1841.

The Stepped Corridor: The Growth of Mercy

This beautiful place represents a journey of the first three Mercy Convents in Great Britain,
and out to the battlefield of the Crimea.

The Heritage Room: Catherine's life and legacy

Gain an insight into life and in the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy.

The Cemetery

82 sisters are buried here. Come and pray for your beloved dead.

The Conference Room

Explore the interactive displays, one showing the Convents in Britain since 1839;
the other showing the Mercy Associate Movement.

Please phone us on  0121 554 3271  or send us an email on:   if you wish to find out when will be our next Group Tour.

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Stepped Cloister
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Prayer Garden
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